New Covid-19 Reporting Procedure

In the interest of improved efficiency, the district has updated the process on how to report a Covid positive student or a student who has been in contact with a Covid positive person outside of the school.  This process includes quarantines and distance learning. 

  • Please use the phone number 269-441-9857 or email  This will make it easier for families who have students in multiple buildings and to help the communication process. 
  • One of our school nurses will receive the phone calls and maintain the emails.
  • If your child is being quarantined due to contact tracing at our schools, this is mandated by the Calhoun County Health Department (CCHD). A student who is quarantined or Covid positive, must remain home during their quarantine.  This helps to stop the spread of Covid through our schools. Students who are seen on school grounds will be sent home.  Their names will be reported to the CCHD.  Not following this mandate is considered a misdemeanor and possible fine.  
  • Distance Learning is now set up and students are expected to participate in Distance Learning while in quarantine or Covid positive, unless they are too ill to participate.  Communication on Distance Learning has already been sent out.