Pennfield Power Up Learning (PUL)

Pennfield PUL

Pennfield PULPennfield Power Up Learning Program or PUL is an initiative to make sure that each student has access to a device that can be used for learning. Many schools call it a 1:1 program but we wanted our initiative to focus on learning and not on the technology.

PUL first started in 2007 when we opened our new High School. At that time, only 9th grade students were given devices. They were Gateway Windows laptops. At the same time, we gave each High School Teacher a Gateway Tablet. The goal was to allow teachers to be mobile in the classroom and be able to take the same tech home.

The program continued and has now reached all student grades 3 – 12 and will cover all students k-12 in the fall of 2017. One notable change over the years is the move from Windows based machines to Chromebooks. Pennfield uses the Google Apps for Education Suite for students and staff.

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